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Jeep | November 17 2014

The Jeep Girls trek to ‘Fabulous Las Vegas’

This month travels took us to beautiful Las Vegas. It is the one city that truly never sleeps! The more that Brittany and I travel, the more we find similarities in the places we visit. For us, every single adventure starts with a trip to Trader Joe’s. We pick up our favorite snacks, the new cold pressed
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Jeep | October 30 2014

The Jeep Girls Happy Halloween Trip-California to Chicago

Brittany and I love Fall!  With Brittany’s birthday mid-month, we enjoy an entire month of festive Trick-or-Treating! From chocolate cake, sugar skull drawings, beautiful fall colors, shorter days, cooler temperatures, and an annual trip to the Midwest to see the leaves, we decided to head down a few new trails and try some things that we’ve
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Jeep | September 28 2014

Jeep Girls get lost in Napa Valley

As dark broke to daylight, the ground became increasingly farther away, and we were floating aloft. It was not a dream, though the air was cool and calm enough to lull all 12 passengers to an awe-struck silence. We were climbed high over Pope Valley. Yahoo! Staring down at the becoming harvest, there was not a
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Jeep | July 18 2014

Jeep Girls: California or bust!

Greetings from California, a home to the “happiest place on earth!” For the summer, the official start of 2014, we left the heat behind and headed further west to southern California. Ashley and I discovered along the way that the drive from Phoenix to San Diego can be described in one word: hot. The region,
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Jeep | June 30 2014

Jeep® Girls go ‘overlanding’

  In an effort to chase the full “Flower” moon, Brittany and I went on an “overlanding” adventure! We didn’t know what to expect, but as any adventurer will tell you, that’s part of the adventure.I made a road trip mix, grabbed a couple of dusty sleeping bags, and our new tent. We busted out
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Dealers,Jeep | June 14 2014

Jeep Girls explore No. 50

“We are the only people in the United States to have done this!” I told Ashley as we boarded our non-stop flight from Anchorage to Honolulu. “They do run a daily service for a reason,” she dryly retorted. Nonetheless, our excitement and conscious decision to travel from Alaska (No. 49) to Hawaii (No. 50), in
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