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Jeep,Mopar | April 08 2015

Easter Jeep Safari: Putting concepts to the test

The annual Easter Jeep® Safari in Moab, Utah, is an event we and countless Jeep enthusiasts look forward to every year. The scenery and the Jeep SUVs are spectacular. It’s a perfect match. Every year, upwards of 1,000 vehicles are registered, all with the intent of owners putting their 4x4s and their skills to the
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Jeep | March 24 2015

The Jeep Girls visit the historic east, Part 1

The average temperature in our neck of the woods is 77.5 degrees for the month of February. Naturally, we decided to venture to a part of the country where the average high barely reaches teens this time of the year. We were greeted at the PHL Airport by a Baja Yellow ray of sunshine that
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Jeep | February 20 2015

Iced Jeep Cherokee imprint ‘epic’

(UPDATED at the end, adding links to other photos, details about the icy imprint of the Jeep Cherokee.) By now, you’ve probably seen that frozen imprint of the Jeep® Cherokee front fascia – and had a hard time believing it’s real. Well, one of the people who took some of those photos also couldn’t believe it.
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Jeep | February 07 2015

The Jeep Girls’ birthday adventures on Catalina Island

Did you know it’s free to ride the Catalina Express to Catalina Island on your birthday? This is the fourth consecutive year that The Catalina Express is offering this fun birthday treat! This year, in celebration of our birthdays, my birthday buddy Fred Williams and I headed to Catalina Island, which transforms into “Birthday Island”
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Jeep | January 24 2015

Jeep Girls live ALOHA!

With the New Year in full swing, Brittany I spent a few weeks planning out our year on the magnificent Hawaiian Island of O’ahu. As soon as we stepped foot on the island, we were greeted with the friendly Aloha breeze.  After picking up a few Aloha dresses for our adventure, we stopped at Cutter Chrysler
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Jeep | January 23 2015

2015 Jeep Renegade priced to please – equipped for excitement

While media from across the country gathered to test the off-roading skills of the 2015 Jeep® Renegade in Hollister, Calif., this week, the brand underscored Renegade’s affordability story with pricing across the full model lineup. Here’s how the stickers will read when the all-new B-segment Jeep Renegade arrives in showrooms across North America this March.
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Jeep | January 06 2015

Jeep Cherokee takes a ride on the wild side

Sometimes, getting away from it all doesn’t mean you actually have to pack up and kiss your everyday life goodbye. The Jeep® brand discovered you just need the right ingredients and a daring imagination to roll out a roadmap to adventure that rivals a Twilight Zone episode for excitement Last summer the brand turned a
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