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Jeep | October 30 2014

The Jeep Girls Happy Halloween Trip-California to Chicago

Brittany and I love Fall!  With Brittany’s birthday mid-month, we enjoy an entire month of festive Trick-or-Treating! From chocolate cake, sugar skull drawings, beautiful fall colors, shorter days, cooler temperatures, and an annual trip to the Midwest to see the leaves, we decided to head down a few new trails and try some things that we’ve
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Jeep | September 28 2014

Jeep Girls get lost in Napa Valley

As dark broke to daylight, the ground became increasingly farther away, and we were floating aloft. It was not a dream, though the air was cool and calm enough to lull all 12 passengers to an awe-struck silence. We were climbed high over Pope Valley. Yahoo! Staring down at the becoming harvest, there was not a
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Jeep | July 18 2014

Jeep Girls: California or bust!

Greetings from California, a home to the “happiest place on earth!” For the summer, the official start of 2014, we left the heat behind and headed further west to southern California. Ashley and I discovered along the way that the drive from Phoenix to San Diego can be described in one word: hot. The region,
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Jeep | June 30 2014

Jeep® Girls go ‘overlanding’

  In an effort to chase the full “Flower” moon, Brittany and I went on an “overlanding” adventure! We didn’t know what to expect, but as any adventurer will tell you, that’s part of the adventure.I made a road trip mix, grabbed a couple of dusty sleeping bags, and our new tent. We busted out
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Dealers,Jeep | June 14 2014

Jeep Girls explore No. 50

“We are the only people in the United States to have done this!” I told Ashley as we boarded our non-stop flight from Anchorage to Honolulu. “They do run a daily service for a reason,” she dryly retorted. Nonetheless, our excitement and conscious decision to travel from Alaska (No. 49) to Hawaii (No. 50), in
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Jeep | June 11 2014

American Legend: Mark Smith

It’s no secret that Ashley and I have spent some time seeking out the legend of the Jeep® spirit. We find it everywhere. As we like to say, it is present in people, places, and things that make America great! Every once in a while we find one person who can empower people, better a
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