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Manufacturing | March 03 2015

Windsor Assembly ensures minivans will be plentiful

Minivan lovers, fear not. While our Windsor Assembly Plant is down for 14 weeks to implement improvements and reconfigure the assembly process to start production of the next generation minivan, people might wonder if there’ll be enough minivans to buy? The clear answer is yes. “Through the planning we did and the extra work put
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Manufacturing | February 18 2015

Building a better minivan

30,000 ways to improve manufacturing and assembly. When your employees are involved and you have a chance to step back to look at the entire manufacturing and assembly process, the result can be pretty good. Employees at the Windsor, Ont., Assembly Plant, home to our minivans and cargo vans, had the opportunity to take a
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Manufacturing | October 07 2014

WCM: The art in manufacturing

At Chrysler Group, we build things. Things that move people. But not just in the literal sense. The vehicles we manufacture often stir emotions in their owners. In a similar way, Chrysler Group’s manufacturing employees don’t only build cars; they possess hidden gems that make them unique. World Class Manufacturing, or WCM as it is
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Manufacturing | May 15 2014


Chrysler Group and the communities in which we work have been through a lot of challenges in recent years. Though we are riding on four-plus years of monthly sales growth, and have a good deal of positive momentum, the corporate and individual memories of our past struggles keep us focused. It’s that sense of humility
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Manufacturing | April 29 2014

World Class Manufacturing focuses on people

Manufacturing plant team leaders work on the assembly line in the World Class Manufacturing Academy to refine tools and procedures. We know from years of experience that when the topic of discussion turns to manufacturing strategies, eyes will glaze over rapidly and in high volume. Which is a shame, really. Because building complex machines such
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