Jeep | February 11 2014

Camp Jeep takes you for a ride

Every year, auto shows attract millions of people worldwide to see the newest products and concept vehicles. But, let’s face it, stationary vehicles aren’t exactly thrilling. Vehicles are made to be driven, and Chrysler Group gives show goers a unique interactive experience.

Within the Chrysler Group stand at various auto shows, passengers are able to experience vehicles firsthand. One of the biggest attractions is Camp Jeep®. This isn’t the type of camp where you pitch a tent and roast marshmallows, rather an indoor test track that resembles an off-road trail.“The whole point of what we’re trying to show off at Camp Jeep is the capability of each Jeep vehicle,” Jim Morrison, director of Jeep Brand marketing said.

The Chicago Auto Show is home to the biggest Camp Jeep exhibit. Show goers ride through a track equipped with real pine trees, dirt and rocks that emulates the “great outdoors” from the showroom floor. And there’s nothing like the smell of fresh mulch to really transport you to a forest setting.

The exhibit takes about a week to set up and is quite eco-friendly. The trees and landscape are leased from a local nursery to avoid any waste.

The track itself tests the maneuverability, traction and stability of the trail-rated Jeep lineup with obstacles including a 24 foot hill with a 35 degree grade.

Not all drivers are off-road enthusiasts, so Chrysler Group takes you “on-road” as well. The multi-brand track allows passengers to test the acceleration, handling and ride comfort of Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat models.If you attend an auto show with either test track, make sure to leave plenty of room for time, since the lines are usually about an hour wait.