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Community,Our People | May 04 2022

Let’s Celebrate National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Sricharan Maruneni is the Manager – Propulsion Software and President – Asians Connected Together Business Resource Group May is National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month. It’s an important opportunity for all of us to raise awareness about the significant contributions these communities have made in shaping modern history and the cultural and economic
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Our People | May 03 2021

Embracing Harmony, Deflecting Hate

Mamatha Chamarthi is the Head of Software Business and Product Management – Global, Americas and Asia May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – a celebration of the tremendous contributions Asians and Pacific Islanders have made to the social, cultural and economic strength of the United States. Like most commemorative months, Asian American
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Community,Corporate Business,Our People | December 03 2018

The power of words

One word can make all the difference. More than a year ago, FCA US took a seemingly small step by changing the name of its Employee Resource Groups. The Company supports seven groups representing a range of affinity communities: African-Americans, Latins, Asians, LGBT, veterans, Native Americans and women. These employee-directed groups pursue projects that enhance
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