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Safety,Uconnect | April 22 2016

Uconnect’s six ways to stay focused on the road

For most of us, being “connected” is just expected. But when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, your connection should be with the road ahead. Since its beginning, our Uconnect systems have offered options to help drivers stay focused on the road. In honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we put together six of
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Uconnect | January 14 2016

Car. Life. Balance.™  What does it mean to you? 

Everyone is unique. We all have different styles, needs and priorities that help define our lives. What we do during every drive is a reflection of who we are and what we value. Uconnect, FCA’s connected car platform, helps you get more of you in every drive by providing the information, connections, entertainment and content
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Safety,Uconnect | September 21 2015

We get your drift

Roadway departures account for a staggering number of fatalities every year. In 2013, that number was 18,257 – more than half of all traffic fatalities recorded in the U.S. And of these, according to NHTSA: 47% involved collisions with trees or other off-road objects 25% involved head-on collisions with other vehicles 20% involved rollovers By
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Uconnect | July 24 2015

Unhacking the hack: Ensuring security

Actions speak louder than words. When we first learned of the ability for others to hack into some of our 8.4-inch touchscreen systems, we developed, tested and implemented a software patch. Owners had the option to see if their vehicle was affected and if so, they could install the update. Since then, we’ve taken more
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Uconnect | July 22 2015

Unhacking the hacked Jeep® SUV

July 24, 2015 update: Click to read about the additional measures that FCA US has taken to ensure the security of the vehicles with particular 8.4-inch touchscreen systems. Updated to clarify: Due to market access to cellular connectivity, the 8.4 touchscreen issue noted in the blog post is for vehicles sold only in the U.S. We read
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Uconnect | June 26 2015

Five big updates for 2016 Uconnect 8.4

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram 2016 model-year vehicle owners, with a Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen, will be able to take advantage of new features that will help them keep their eyes on the road with one of the most user-focused in-vehicle systems available. Uconnect’s Aamir Ahmed details the biggest updates in the video above. Here’s quick look
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