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Uconnect | April 21 2015

Uconnect Access supercharges connection with your car

In today’s hyper-connected world, everyone craves access. Many people use a smartphone to tap into an ever-growing bundle of information – news, phone calls, texts, social media and streaming entertainment, to name a few. Americans also spend an average of 100 minutes in their cars each day. That makes the dashboard a central info hub.
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Uconnect | November 12 2014

The sound of adventure

Life is an adventure and no matter where it takes you, you’ve got to have a great soundtrack. But what good is that soundtrack if you can’t hear it? Well get ready to pop your top. The 2015 Jeep Wrangler has been outfitted with all-new high-performance speakers that will let you raise the roof on
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Uconnect | April 09 2014

Stay connected

Are you feeling a little disconnected these days? You and your car just aren’t in sync? If you are missing your Uconnect Access services that you’ve grown accustomed to during your 6 or 12 month trial, let us help you reconnect and save money. Check out this special, limited-time offer for customers of these vehicles:
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Uconnect | December 16 2013

A World of Music at Your Fingertips

There’s a saying out there that “music is good for the soul.” We happen to agree, which is why a new world of music is now available in your next vehicle. Chrysler Group is expanding your array of music and entertainment options by putting a new Internet radio listening experience at your fingertips – included
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Uconnect | October 14 2013

We Heard You: Uconnect Enhancements Rolling Out

You speak, we listen. You want improved voice recognition technology. Done! You want better speed and accuracy. Got it! Chrysler Group listens to Uconnect customers and has responded with a software update for vehicles equipped with Uconnect 8.4AN and 8.4A systems, including 2013 & 2014 Ram Trucks and SRT Vipers and 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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