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Corporate Business | August 03 2015

FCA US puts productivity improvement on the table

We have new furniture! Why is that newsworthy? It demonstrates our deep-seated commitment to improving productivity. FCA US LLC headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich., is the largest office building in North America, after the U.S. Pentagon. Visitors can walk for eight minutes at a steady clip without ever changing direction – all under a single
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Corporate Business | July 27 2015

The road to more effective recalls

There’s nothing more important to all of us here at FCA US than the safety of our customers and their passengers. That’s why we’re taking steps to improve not only the way we communicate product recalls, but the number of vehicles customers are bringing to dealerships to have those repairs made. This includes certain past
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Corporate Business | June 19 2015

90 years and counting

­­Did you know that the Dodge Brothers, who are nearly synonymous with Walter P. Chrysler’s company, also have deep ties in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the home of our Canada operations? On Wednesday, FCA Canada (formerly Chrysler Canada) celebrated its 90th birthday, inviting employees, retirees and media to the very spot where Horace and John Dodge
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Corporate Business | June 16 2015

‘We are all on the same human level.’

As part of FCA US observance of LGBT Pride month, for the second year, the Company’s employee resource group Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) will sponsor an exhibit titled “Faces of GALA.” The exhibit, which opened Monday, June 15, comprises 26 poster boards, each highlighting a different GALA member, including GALA allies (a GALA ally is a
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Corporate Business | May 15 2015

Letters to the Editor: The Wall Street Journal style

Today, The Wall Street Journal’s “letters to the editor” column hosts, to say the least, a misinformed letter by Mr. Tom Lieb that was posted on the site yesterday. Regrettably (a sarcastic English understatement), the Journal disregarded the comment I promptly posted yesterday, thereby prohibiting broadsheet readers to get accurate and balanced information. For
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Corporate Business | April 02 2015

Facts matter

Sadly, the citizens of a southern Georgia town who performed their civic duty this week in the tragic case of a young boy’s traffic death were prevented from seeing or hearing critical evidence. Four-year-old Remington Walden was killed when a pickup truck traveling at highway speed slammed into the rear of the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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