Design,Ram | January 25 2023

Jump Seats Found Inside New Ram BEV Concept Inspired by Middle School Sporting Events

Talk to any artist or automotive designer and they will tell you that inspiration comes from all types of sources, like nature, travel, fashion or architecture. But would you expect middle school sporting events? Probably, not. But, when it came to the creation of the third row jump seats found on the Ram 1500 Revolution battery-electric vehicle (BEV) concept, that’s exactly where the idea struck for Chief Interior Designer, Ryan Nagode.  

The team had already been rethinking the interior space from the ground up and determining the best way to reconfigure the cabin to haul people and cargo. Not having to package a massive engine in what would become the frunk allowed them to move the entire occupant space forward and shorten up the front overhang, making way for more room in the cabin. And, with the addition of the powered mid-gate, ideas really began to flow.  

Members of the Ram Revolution BEV Concept interior design team.

While more seating was always the answer, they knew adding a third row would take away the ability to haul cargo, which is something truck owners want and love to do.  

“During the development process, I was taking my son back and forth to his baseball and football games, and I couldn’t help but notice how many parents and spectators were carrying these folding stadium seats for watching the events,” said Nagode. “The appearance matched so well with the ideas we had come up with, so it seemed obvious to marry these two concepts together.”  

An industry-first is born 

Of course, this was just the beginning and research needed to be conducted. So, the team took to the internet and visited sporting goods stores looking at the very simple to the most complex type of stadium seating. They all had one thing in common, according to Nagode, none of them were comfortable. But what did stand out was their portability and how they could clip into bleachers allowing the user to lean back without tumbling to the ground.  

They took that idea and ran with it. 

“We made sure that our seats functioned in the same manner that people use stadium seating at an event, but we’re also giving them comfort and the look and feel that’s associated with the Ram Truck brand,” said Nagode. 

Two jump seats can be found inside the concept, they are crafted in the same manner as you would find inside the cabin of any Ram Truck on the road today, plus, they are light enough for an adult to carry.  

Rendering of Ram Revolution BEV Concept interior jump seats.

Inside and when locked into the mid-gate the jump seats can be folded up so that the seat cushion nestles into the back rest. Two hooks are located on the back of each seat cushion and grocery bags, a gym bag or whatever you may be carrying that day can be attached to them.  

The seats are removable and can be used to enhance your stadium seating experience as the hooks found on the seat cushion can be used to clip into any type of bench or bleacher seating. The seats can also be placed on or within the bed of the truck for tailgating or hanging out with friends.  

Rendering of Ram Revolution BEV Concept jump seats.

Combined with mid-gate and jump-seat options, the 1500 Revolution BEV Concept offers multiple flexible seating configurations. Lightweight seats feature integrated seatbelts, grab handles and speakers with the ability to fold flat along with extended recline, work, conference modes and deploying the jump seats. Vastly more interior volume benefits second-row and third-row jump seat passengers who enjoy a limo-like space. 

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