Community,Our People | February 22 2019

Be Color Brave

Several hundred FCA US employees were treated to an inspiring presentation by Mellody Hobson on February 12 as part of the FCA US monthlong observance of Black History Month, sponsored by the Fiat Chrysler African Ancestry Network.

Mellody is a longtime proponent of the idea that in order to sustain success in the years ahead, companies must invite diverse people to the decision-making table.

Her talk, entitled “Color Blind or Color Brave,” challenges everyone to step out of their comfort zone and embrace still difficult issues that divide us, such as race.

Central to Mellody’s argument is her belief that diversity makes us stronger. At the corporate level, Mellody argues that companies that lack diversity will face challenges achieving their full potential in the marketplace.

Mellody has built an extraordinarily impressive career in business. Today, she is the President of Ariel Investments, a money management firm headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Ariel serves individual and institutional investors through its no-load mutual funds and separate accounts.

Mellody also serves on the boards of several major American companies. She is Vice Chair of the Board of Starbucks Corporation and is a director of JPMorgan Chase.