A Warren (Mich.) Truck Assembly Plant preps a Ram 1500 for EcoDiesel powertrain installation. 

Manufacturing | December 02 2015

Sales impact

When you buy one of our cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs or crossovers, you’re also buying a relationship … between you and your vehicle (and your dealer).  It’s a long-term relationship where, if you take care of “her” with routine maintenance, she’ll take care of you.

With FCA US November sales up 3% compared to November 2014, and year-to-date sales up 7% over 2014, FCA US has already topped all of 2013 sales with 2.026 million vehicles sold through the first 11 months of 2015.

FCA Canada November sales also are up 1% to 21,038, with YTD sales also up 1%. FCA Mexico makes it a trifecta of sales growth with November sales up 10% to 9,910 vehicles sold last month. Last month was FCA Mexico’s best month of 2015 and its 11th straight month of sales growth.

But, have you ever considered how your purchase impacts those who had a hand in making your vehicle a reality?

Your vehicle purchase is a pat on the back to the tens of thousands of people we employ at our 13 assembly plants in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A., as well as employees at our 24 powertrain, transmission, casting, axle, tool and die, machining and stamping operations.

If you’ve been part of our success, last month or in recent years, thank you.

November 2015: FCA North America Assembly Plants Sales