FCA Replay | October 17 2014

Shooting Pentastar

Today marks another transition during a week of transitions. On Sunday, Detroit-time, our company officially became Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. as FCA shares began trading on the stock exchange in Milan, Italy,  and on Monday, on the New York Stock Exchange.

One other significant change was retiring the Chrysler Pentastar in favor of a new FCA corporate logo. That meant making the swap on just about everything that carried the 5-point star, including our weekly news recap, “Under the Pentastar.”

In keeping with the new company, we’ve renamed it “FCA Replay,” but it will still recap the company’s  top stories of the past week in about three minutes.

“Under the Pentastar,” or “UTP” as those of us who produce the feature like to call it, was launched on Sept. 13, 2007. How UTP began is a story of “what if?” and “why not?”

I was looking at some of the news releases the company had published over the past couple of weeks back then and noticed that some just weren’t getting the coverage they deserved. Maybe they were  overtaken by bigger stories, or were considered minor or “soft” by media outlets. So I thought, what if we could give those releases a second life? What if we could find a way to remind journalists what they may have missed and hope some of them would decide to give the story another look?

I presented the idea of a weekly news recap to our team, Chrysler Digital Media, with the working title “Under the Pentastar.” UTP would include 3-4 major stories from the past week in three minutes or less.  The team went for it and since then 350 episodes have been produced – all by our team members who volunteered each week to write, narrate and edit the videos.

“UTP” has since won a loyal online following and awards from PR News and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

“FCA Replay” promises to carry on the UTP tradition of recapping FCA’s top stories of the past week, posted every Friday to our YouTube channel, FCA Content on Demand and the FCA media site.

We hope you enjoy “FCA Replay” and welcome your feedback.