Fiat | July 30 2014

Driving on sunshine

Electric vehicle owners now have a fuel as old as the sun to power their rides. In fact, it is the sun! Kearny Mesa Fiat in San Diego revealed a new solar charging station that gives owners and test-drivers of the Fiat 500e, the power to unplug and truly drive emission free. 

It’s called the EV ARC™. It stands for electric vehicle autonomous renewable charger. It’s the world’s first transportable solar-powered electric vehicle charging station. The EV ARC is made in the USA and powered by the sun. It fits inside a parking space and generates around 16kWhrs/day, which are stored in the on-board batteries. The system’s solar electrical generation enables the array to follow the sun, generating 18 to 25% more electricity than a fixed array.

The station can charge up to two cars at a time and is very mobile. A pickup truck can move the chargers and they require no electrical connection.

Kearny Mesa FIAT is using the technology to offer their guests free charging and San Diegan’s the opportunity to “drive on sunshine.” The sun is not only powering the vehicle, it allows drivers a chance to unplug from the electrical grid while staying plugged in to the latest news and advertising. The EV ARC comes with an outdoor digital advertising screen that receives content updates through the wireless network.

The Fiat 500e is now available in California and Oregon. 

While it may not be Noah’s ark, the EV ARC is positioning itself to come to the rescue of EVs everywhere, two by two.

See the story from CBS 8 in San Diego