Auto Shows,Mopar,Ram | November 07 2015

Ram and Mopar unleash the ‘fun’ side of the Ram ProMaster City

All work and no play? That’s no way to live. Ram Trucks and Mopar showed they agree, with a triple play rollout of new truck ‘edginess’ at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nov. 3-6.

Already a sporty head-turner, the Ram 1500 Rebel X has kicked up the sizzle with a distinctive, in-your-face Ram logo grille hovering above a new Mopar concept two-piece skid plate. A functional cold air duct has been integrated into the Mopar Performance aluminum sport hood. 35-inch Toyo tires wrap 17-inch cast-aluminum beadlock wheels. Attitude is ‘amped’ to the max with the Mopar cat-pack exhaust system. New color cues reflect that attitude in unique dark Copper with a Matte Black graphic and Mopar Blue tracer. Best of all, 80 to 90% of these features are available right now in the Mopar catalog.

A highly versatile workhorse for small businesses and tradesmen, the Ram ProMaster City taps into your inner ‘adventure seeker’ with two new targeted concepts – ProMaster City DiveMaster and the ProMaster City DragMaster.

The DiveMaster is not only dive-ready, but drive-ready with Mopar custom shop accessories like racks and shelving built specifically for scuba gear in both the cargo and rear door areas. There’s a spray-floor liner for extra protection. Even the ocean blue exterior, gradually turning from white to deep blue, emulates a diver’s deep sea experience. “Diver down” flags on the mirror caps and a distinctive “Mopar Ram Deep Dive Scuba Shop” decal complete the undersea motif.

Is the Mopar-customized DragMaster a tow vehicle or is it a pit vehicle? It’s both, actually. The DragMaster’s white exterior, accented with a blue stripe, pairs perfectly for towing the all-new Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. Trackside, the DragMaster’s spacious interior cargo area turns into a mobile pit stop, complete with LED cargo lights and plenty of custom cabinets and storage to keep tools and parts at the ready.

Best of all, these and many more custom features on the ProMaster City DiveMaster and DragMaster are available through the Mopar Custom Shop. The Head of Mopar Accessory and Performance Portfolio Todd Beddick explains more about how Mopar and Ram Truck teamed up at SEMA in this video.