What's New, or what was new in 2011. 

Auto Shows | June 18 2015

We’ll show you 2016 models next week

Every year in late June, we start to see glimpses of the future.

Or, at least the upcoming model year.

The annual What’s New is a day-long event at our Chelsea, Mich., Proving Grounds where media of all types get to mingle with company executives and drive our fleet of vehicles on the various on- and off-road evaluation tracks.

While most of the information is embargoed until Sept. 1, we always have *something* that can go live right away.

On June 26, we’ll have two Livestream events (sorry we still have to be vague, for now).

In addition, we’ll be publishing a ton of real-time images, information and live Periscope streams about our 2016 lineup. To keep tabs on our action on your favorite platform, see the social media links below. Where appropriate, we’ll tag our posts with #2016FCA. You can follow #2016FCA on Tagboard, as well as your favorite social sites.

Later, we’ll have videos on our YouTube channel.