morning sun 3 

Jeep | January 24 2015

Jeep Girls live ALOHA!

brittany and ashley with Grand CherokeeWith the New Year in full swing, Brittany I spent a few weeks planning out our year on the magnificent Hawaiian Island of O’ahu.

As soon as we stepped foot on the island, we were greeted with the friendly Aloha breeze.  After picking up a few Aloha dresses for our adventure, we stopped at Cutter Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Pearl City where we met LD.  He is a Grand Cherokee owner whose smile is as warm as the island sunshine.  He came to Hawaii for a vacation and has never left.  He is simply living in Paradise!  As we came to learn, he is living “ALOHA.”

morning sun 3

Brittany and I explored the island in a Grand Cherokee Limited, and really got to understand what it is like to “live ALOHA.” Inspired by the island weather and the early morning sunshine, Brittany and I would start our early mornings with a trip to Hanauma Bay.  We loved the heated steering wheel and heated front and back seats in our Grand Cherokee, especially for the chilly early winter mornings in Hawaii.  After watching the sunrise, we would treat ourselves to some of the island delicacies, such as loco moco, haupia malasadas, Portugese sausage breakfast sandwiches, and of course Hawaiian coffee.

Grand Cherokee at Koko Head Botanical Garden

Every day I would look at the ocean and reflect on the fact that people live in this beautiful place every single day.  As we followed the morning sun in our Grand Cherokee, we found Koko Head Botanical Garden.  It is a two-mile scenic hike that cultivates rare and dryland plants.  Our favorite part of the garden is through the plumeria flowers.


After dancing in the flowers, Brittany and I jumped back in our Grand Cherokee and

visited Sea Life Park Hawaii, which is located north of Hanauma Bay.  Sea Life Park Hawaii gives visitors the opportunity to get a close look at the animals in the sea.  The park consists of reefs, pools, theaters, and very entertaining shows with the dolphins and sea lions.

Brittany and Ashley with Hawaiian Rays

Sea Life Park Hawaii also features a variety of encounter and interactive programs, such as the sea lion swim, a swim experience with sharks, and the dolphin royal swim where guests ride on the dorsal fins and get flown across the water by the dolphins with a foot push.


We had the opportunity to swim with the Hawaiian Rays.  It was a really cool experience where we were able to pet them and snorkel along side them in the lagoon.  We even got a chance to feed some lettuce to my favorite fish, the yellow tangs!


After spending some time at the touch pools, where we touched a shark and a sea turtle, we went to the Seabird Sanctuary.  Everyone that enters the sanctuary is given bird seeds on a stick, in which you are able to feed the birds and interact with them.


After a full day at the park, we cruised to the other side of the island in the all new Jeep Cherokee.  It is very different from our Cherokee XJ, but still a peppy and fun vehicle. The four cylinder has ample power, especially on the winding roads in O’ahu.  We loved the size of the Cherokee.  There was plenty of room for our beach gear and we found endless uses for the rear storage bins.


On the west side of the island, we headed to Kapolei to go to Germaine’s Luau. We were welcomed by Paulette, with fresh orchid leis. Paulette is a 26-year veteran of the traditional luau experience.  We learned that a luau may be for the tourists but is really a way of life for the Hawaiian natives.  Paulette began dancing hula in her teens, which is a key part of the Hawaiian luau tradition.

Germaine's Luau

With the sound of the conch shell, we all gathered together to watch the Royal Court of Polynesia enter the ceremony.  We made our way to the imu (the Hawaiian underground oven) to watch as the Kalua Pua’a, or roasted pig was pulled from the ground.  The all you can eat buffet offers a variety of island cuisine, including chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, island fish, teriyaki beef, and of course poi.


After dinner, we watched the stage as we were taken through a journey of the islands of Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand.  Many of the dances honor the traditional island culture spirits and the land. At Germaine’s Luau, each palm tree is planted for a member of the family. Paulette told us that when one of the palm trees began to get sick, the grounds keeper investigated whose tree that was, and they found that it was Auntie’s tree, and she was ill.


We left the luau feeling extremely inspired and part of the Hawaiian island family.  Brittany bought a few tikis to guide our journeys and adventures and I returned to the mainland with a few colorful muu’muus.

You can leave the islands, but there is no doubt that a piece of the island will come home with you!

Until next time, remember to do what is close to your heart, and Live ALOHA!!

We’ll see you out there!


Brittany & Ashley


“The Jeep Girls”