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Dodge | September 26 2013

2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit Lives Up to Its Name

It’s no contest. Anyone attempting to elude police officers chasing them in a 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit is going to lose that race.

And, we can prove it.

At the annual Michigan State Police Vehicle Evaluation earlier this week, the 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD (above) set the lap record for an AWD vehicle with a time of 1:33.85 at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Mich.

This new HEMI-powered all-season tactical performance sedan also set the fastest average lap time (1:34.75) at Grattan Raceway, Belding, Mich.

The 2014 Charger Pursuit AWD complements the HEMI V-8-powered 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit – that still holds its RWD record of 1:33.70.

“With the record-holding rear-wheel drive Dodge Charger Pursuit and now the fastest-ever recorded all-wheel drive model, Chrysler Group offers those who protect and serve us with the best pursuit-rated sedans in the business,” said Peter Grady, Vice President of Network Development and Fleet, Chrysler Group LLC.

In other good news, Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 with new high-performance brake system earned the title of best-in-class stopping performance: 60-0 mph in less than 127 feet.

Field Feedback

The Dodge Pursuit team, just like the law enforcement officers who drive their cars, is always striving to get better. And, it does with the help of those same law enforcement officers.

The 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 and V-6 lineup features a number of improvements, thanks in large part to input from law enforcement officials and Dodge brand’s Police Advisory Board. Those improvements include:

  • New Charger Pursuit V-8 AWD model with segment-exclusive active transfer case and front-axle disconnect for maximum all-season traction and efficiency (late availability)
  • Best-in-class stopping power (60-0 mph in less than 127 feet) with Dodge Charger Pursuit V-8 and new high-performance brake system (late availability)
    • Larger 14.5-inch front rotors (up from 13.6-inch)
    • Front-caliper swept area increased to 388 sq.in. from 289 sq.in.
    • Rear-caliper swept area increased to 296 sq.in. from 291 sq.in.
  • Police-specific Secure Park, which prevents idling vehicle from being driven without key fob present in the vehicle
  • Revised rear fascia and robust exhaust tips to further enhance the “pursuit” capability of the Charger when crossing highway medians
  • New camber link change to the rear suspension to further enhance high-speed and aggressive braking performance
  • Upgraded fuel pump for added durability
  • Variable-displacement air conditioner compressor for added efficiency
  • Factory-installed Mopar horizontal or vertical vinyl graphics for customer convenience
  • ParkSense rear-park assist now available

If you’re in law enforcement, you can learn more about the new 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit lineup.