Jeep | May 02 2014

Jeep Girls explore the Western Slope

 After packing up our Jeep® Cherokee and Wrangler, we kicked off on the road to the Western Slope. Our trek started in our garage…followed by Grand Junction to Moab and onward to Telluride. During our first night, two fellow road trekkers, and one mysterious local were drawn together with us at Woody’s World Famous Tavern. Every time we meet someone on an adventure, we feel as if they are telling us a message to guide our way.

These wise elders sat down and shared some wonderful astrological advice with us. One of our new friends mentioned that Brittany will be experiencing “Saturn’s return” and that 2014 will be the best year yet! Who can argue with that? I know I’m excited about that!

Every year we are in Moab, Brittany and I feel a great sense of change and renewal. Whether it’s the scenery, or activities, or the great people, we absolutely love being in Moab to watch the full moon rise. For us, a trek to Moab is the official kick-off to spring. It’s a time to clean out all the cobwebs and make sure our map is leading us in the right direction. We are able to reflect upon our year, and have made wonderful wishes upon the shooting stars. Our new friends also told us this would be a very special adventure, because the “blood red moon” was about to rise.

The next night we set our alarm clocks to catch a glimpse of the first of four red full moons set to happen in the upcoming months It was like nothing we had ever seen before! The following morning, we ventured into Arches National Park, hiking on new and unfamiliar trails. Inspired by the beautiful landscape, we made it a point to stay outside as much as we could. In Moab, it’s important not to sleep, so as not to miss a thing!

We bumped into a few friends from our hometown in Chicago. We met up Jimmy, Will, and Joseph of Finish Line Performance. Seeing familiar faces in nature’s playground really makes the world a smaller place! After a full day of sightseeing, we had an opportunity to experience Hell’s Revenge with some very experienced “midnight ramblers.” It is unbelievable to feel as if you are the only people that have ever traversed on this extreme trail in a Jeep Wrangler to the light of the full moon. (We know this is not the case, but it sure does feel like it!)

Brittany and Ashley Hill–The “Jeep Girls” 

Our friends from Woody’s Tavern also mentioned that there would be a meteor shower in the next few days. In an effort to get a glimpse of a few shooting stars, we trekked to our favorite town in Colorado. On our scenic drive through the Western Slope we created our own “wildlife safari.” Brittany and I always have our eyes peeled for “additional wildlife.” We found three squirrels and a huge heard of elk on our drive to Telluride.

Just before sunset, we met up with our friend Karine at the Victorian Inn. We’ve been coming to Telluride for years, and each time we explore the box canyon tucked beneath the San Juan Mountains, we learn and see something new. Telluride is like no place else on Earth. It is awe-inspiring to wake up in the mountains to the smell of freshly baked hot cinnamon buns. Thanks to Karine’s wonderful hospitality, The Victorian Inn has been our favorite home away from home for years!

Before we departed the Western Slope in our Jeep Wrangler, we left Moab and Telluride very inspired! It’s the people on this particular adventure that has encouraged us to explore new trails.

We hope that this spring inspires you to explore new trails as well!!

We’ll see you on the road!!

Brittany and Ashley

“The Jeep Girls”