Jeep | December 17 2013

Jeep Girls Celebrate 300,000 Miles of an American Legend

As we are in the spirit of the holiday season, it is a time to reflect upon a year past and find a kernel of truth to be grateful for. Often times, it is the simplest of things in our own lives that take precedent. For example, the wheels that take us to the places we must go and the people we must see. Again, we find ourselves celebrating the robust heritage of the Jeep Cherokee, an iconic American Legend.

Ashley and I have been lucky enough to travel together since an early age. Yet what we value most about the journey is not always the destination, but the sense of familiarity that we feel when we return home. We frequent the same places during our days at home and consequently, our community has watched us grow and has become our family.

Therefore, when Ashley’s phone rang in September and our grocer relayed the message that our mother was taking delivery on a new refrigerator…we weren’t surprised. Likewise, we were not surprised when shortly after she felt compelled to connect us, as Jeep enthusiasts, with another of similar interests.

Brittany Hill, Sharon Kase, Ashley Hill

Kristen an employee of Trader Joe’s connected us with Sharon Kase, a fellow Jeep owner. Relocating from the East to the West, the odometer in her Jeep tells the story of her life. Sharon’s Jeep Cherokee Pioneer has been one constant in an ever changing life. In 1987 at 24, she along with her then husband purchased a new Cherokee Sport. 27 years later, the memories spent in this vehicle have spanned the raising of two children, teaching them to drive the 5 speed and celebrating over 300,000 miles!

For this Jeep, the story began in Pennsylvania on top of a mountain. With a trusted 4×4 system, Sharon could not imagine driving anything other than a Jeep! “I bought a bike rack and off we went traveling around for my triathlons. I always called her my baby or my first born and I thank her all the time for being so good to me” reminisces Sharon.

As The Jeep Girls, Ashley and myself were honored to celebrate this incredible milestone with our new friend Sharon and our community members! Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona joined the party and provided Sharon with an off-roading experience down the famous Broken Arrow Trail! For us, this is what the Jeep community is about, sharing an experience with new friends that become part of the Jeep family!

Until next time, celebrate those treasured moments! The journey is part of the adventure! A Jeep will take you anywhere!
Happy Holidays!

The Jeep Girls