Pentastar Passion | August 09 2013

Will You Be Cruisin’ Woodward?

We at Chrysler Group are very fortunate to be in an industry that brings people together, fostering communities that share a common devotion.

Sure, there’s a lot of functionality and practicality in what we build; however, there’s something more valuable in what we do than simply building a mode of transportation. We design, engineer and manufacture vehicles that connect people with people, providing them an opportunity to share their creativity and passion for the automobile.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is one of those golden times every year when that passion and community really shine. So, we want to help connect people. 

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of individuals gathering for the Cruise, a number of Chrysler Group enthusiast groups have events and gatherings that week, which culminates with the official Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday, Aug. 17. Below are the ones we know about. You also can download a pdf of the WDC map

Woodward Dream Cruise 2013: Chrysler Group Enthusiasts




If you don’t already belong to a club or are a member of a forum, why not check out one of those in the map?

If you know of other clubs gathering for the Cruise, please let the rest of us know in the comments below.