Pentastar Passion | July 26 2013

Where in the World on Woodward?

The Woodward Dream Cruise is one of the nearly spiritual times every year when the past and the present of the automotive industry come together in a united celebration.

The universal love of the automobile, what it represents, what it conveys and what it does, brings hundreds of thousands of people together along metro-Detroit’s Woodward Avenue.

And, a lot of them will be Moparians and owners of Chryslers, Dodges, Plymouths, Jeep vehicles, Ram trucks, DeSotos, Fiats, AMCs and other cars in Chrysler Group’s current and storied heritage.

We know that many clubs and organizations regularly gather every third weekend in August to celebrate their passion – and we want to know where you’ll be.

We want to create a map of Woodward Avenue and highlight where various enthusiast clubs will gather. That way, club members have the opportunity to visit with other clubs’ members and fellow enthusiasts can join in the passion that brought the club members together. Perhaps the clubs will even gain a few new members.

If you know of a Chrysler Group enthusiast club that has a particular gathering spot during the Dream Cruise, please email us by midnight, Sunday, Aug. 4, with the below details:

  1. The club or organization’s name and if it has any particular brand or vehicle focus
  2. Where it will be during the Dream Cruise: either a specific business name/address or corner crossroads, i.e., southwest corner of Woodward and 13 Mile.
  3. Contact name, email and phone number, in case we have questions

Once we get the information and create the map, we’ll make it available via our social channels and email a copy to all those who have replied.

Happy cruising!


Top: Last year, North Oakland Mopar Muscle gathered at the corner of Woodward and Bird.

Bottom: is gathering again the night before the Dream Cruise at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Will be you join them?